Kat Moller

Birthday June 15, 1994

Grad Student at Florida Tech

Has one cat named Girzzabella

LOVES Batman!!!

One brother, Thomas.

Born in Sarasota, FL

10 Fast Facts about Kat

Favorite Color:  Yellow and Black

Favorite Food:  Chicken Fingers and French Fries

Favorite Movie:  Cars

Favorite Racer:  John Force

Favorite Song:  Batman theme song - nananananananana...... Batman 

What do you like to do when you are not racing?  Spending time with my friends

Favorite Animal:  Cats, yes I am that crazy cat lady!

1 thing that someone doesn't know about you:  I have a pillow pet named Zeb the Zebra

Favorite Car:  Corvette 

If you weren't a race car driver, what would you want to do:  An Engineer




Kat made her professional racing debut in 2014 in her Matrix System Jet Dragster, and is a real life "Race Girl".   At only 11 years old, Kat had the need for speed!  She started racing her Jr. Dragster and loved every minute of the race!  Kat worked her way up and soon talked her dad into driving their sportsman Mustang and his dragster!  Loving the freedom on the strip, Kat was always looking forward.  She knew that if she wanted to make this her living, she needed to pursue her education. With her families support,  Kat is has a Mechanical Engineering degree and is now starting Florida Tech as a grad student for her Master's in Global Strategic Communication.  She always has her eyes on the finish-line.  


In 2016 Kat is out to prove she isn't the rookie on the team any longer and that she is ready to be a top contender on the track. Don't let the smile fool ya, her claws are out!  

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