Larsen Motorsports Development Program 

Zachary 'Zach' Costello

   With a lifetime of passion for racing, Zachary Costello has traded his seat in the stands for a seat in a Jet Dragster. With the never-failing support of his fiancé, Cori, parents, Kevin and Renee, and brother, Gregory, Zach will pursue getting his Jet Dragster license as Larsen Motorsports new developmental driver!

Originally hailing from Romeoville, Illinois, Zach grew up attending racing events at local tracks such as Route 66 Raceway and Chicagoland Speedway. As well as his fascination of racing, he found a love for Aerospace during a rocket building project in middle school. This love carried with him as he later attended Florida Institute of Technology and received a bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering in 2016.

                During his 3rd year of college, Florida Tech announced a partnership with Larsen Motorsports at an event on campus where they unveiled the Florida Tech Jet Dragster. With the combination of aerospace engines in a racing application, Zach couldn’t help but spend the whole time talking with the team of LMS and was determined to be a part of their operation.

                As Larsen Motorsports started to move into their new facility in Palm Bay, Zach was there as often as he could, helping move equipment, building pallet racks and any other tasks. With the completion of the setup of the shop, Zach found his way into the Fabrication Bay where he worked heavily with metal fabrication and learned how to weld. As well as his time at the LMS shop, he attended all local events with LMS as a crew member. For the 2017 season, Zach was brought aboard as a crew chief for LMS and has been Elaine’s crew chief since 2018.

                Zach looks forward to a very exciting year in 2020 where not only is he looking to try and make his first appearance as a driver, he will also be marrying his high-school sweetheart and teammate in life, Cori!

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Josette Roach

Josette, 26, of Saint Augustine, Fla. grew up around racing and the automotive industry. Josette Roach has always had a need for speed. Josette loves helping her father in his garage and has helped build multiple racecars with him, which she and her younger sister Fallon ultimately bracket raced. 

She started her racing career at the age of 16 behind the wheel of her junior dragster.  Winning a "Wally" in only her second race, Josette has always had her eyes on the finish line. 

At 18 years old, she worked her way into the Summit ET Series Sportsman class where she drove several vehicles from her mother’s lifted Ford Excursion to her own first car, a father and daughter project Ford Mustang that resembles a Saleen mustang. By 20 years old, she began to race a 1994 super comp dragster that her and her father restored.  

Josette met Elaine Larsen at the 2017 Gatornationals at the NHRA’s Youth and Education Services Program.  She found out the LMS facility was not a far drive from where she was living and spent the next couple years going to the LMS facility as much as she could.  Ultimately in 2019, she changed her career path on a whim to live out her childhood dream. Keeping her eyes on the prize, Josette risked everything and moved to Palm Bay, FL to be a part of the Larsen Motorsports jet racing teams. 

Josette works full time at Larsen Motorsports as an Administrative Assistant to Elaine Larsen as well as having many other jobs throughout the shop, including her latest job title: Development Driver..  From making education videos for Blazing Trails to working with existing sponsor marketing teams, Josette lives life in the fast lane. 

Josette’s journey has been no different. Her venture into the world of professional jet drag racing has been done alongside Loghan Ashline, her Crew Chief, a Florida Tech student.  As Josette began the licensing process, Loghan was by her side learning how to become a Crew Chief for LMS.  Loghan is now the newest Crew Chief at LMS.  Josette and Loghan will surely light the night skies together as the latest Girl Power dynamic duo from Larsen Motorsports.

With the faithful support of Josette’s family and friends, Josette will surely have a blast having the opportunity to drive these fire breathing monsters. She looks forward to many years to come with the Larsen Motorsports jet racing teams not only in the driver’s seat but as a deeply rooted member of the LMS brand, supporting the team in many aspects.


To catch Josette on her journey to be the next Jet Girl follow her on her social media channels.

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Loghan and Josette Working on Blaze Jet

Zach Costello

Josette Roach