LMS Team- Loghan Ashline

September 4, 2018

Loghan Taylor Ashline is one of the new interns that will be with Larsen Motorsports during the Fall 2018 semester. She is originally from Mooresville, NC, aka Racing City USA, which she mentions so profoundly. She is a freshman as Florida Institute of Technology majoring in not only Business, but also Pre-Law. She says that the reason she wanted to pursue both majors is so that she can be financially independent in the future, allowing her to get back into racing. Ever since she was little, her dream job was to be a racer. She has been racing since she was three years old when her dad gave her her first four-wheeler. She then moved on to quarter midget racing around four years old and did that for a few years. As she grew older she moved towards go-karts for fun and started to visit drag strips. She states that she truly misses racing and that “My biggest regret has always been quitting the racing industry”. Once she is done with her college education she wants to attend Roy Hill Drag Racing School to be certified to drive Cobra Jet drag racecars. She is adamant about working hard and she wants to “get on [her] feet financially first” before anything else. She also values networking highly and wants to use her time at Larsen Motorsports to make connections and build relationships because “you never know who is going to put you on top.”


Besides giving her a four-wheeler when she was a toddler, her dad has inspired her in many other ways. She says that he is the one who drove her in to the racing industry. “He has always encouraged me to do whatever I wanted to do. At one time that was to not race and that’s why I left, but he has always allowed me to choose my own path” she says and adds that no matter what her dad always has her back. She is also grateful that her dad’s name has opened so many doors to her in life.





Another aspect her dad has influenced her is her career goals outside of the racetrack. Loghan aims to become a Patent or a Cooperate Attorney once she is done with her college education. She always enjoyed researching law and taking debate classes. Her father has an abundance of patents for his safety devices and that has inspired her to work with engineers to protect their ideas and creations. She believes that in the world, too many ideas get stolen and she wants to help people protect what they have created.


Even though Loghan is a new intern, she has been interested in Larsen Motorsports for a little more than two years. Thanks to Chris Larsen and her dad’s connections they have made at various seminars, she had the chance to meet Chris. As soon as she heard what Larsen Motorsports was about she became intrigued and had the urge to learn more. She came down to Florida to visit Larsen Motorsports two years ago and had the chance to tour the facility, go out to the drag strip in Atlanta, and bond with everyone on the team. Since then, she kept in touch with Larsen Motorsports and now she is finally a member of the Larsen’s big and welcoming family.


When asked about why she chose to work at Larsen Motorsports she answers with “Simply because Larsen is amazing”. It is hard to find a job you go to everyday with the same excitement as your first day, but she seems to have already found it at Larsen Motorsports. She states that she enjoys coming in here and seeing people work on new and different projects every time. Another aspect that she admires about her position at Larsen is that besides getting a business education she can also do hands on work, which not many other people from her major have the chance to do. However, her biggest reason for choosing to intern at Larsen is the “female support and the amazing ladies here”. Having always been a fan of Lyn St. James and how much she did for girls in the racing industry, she could not be happier to have found even bigger and better female empowerment at Larsen.




While interning at Larsen she has one major project she is working on. With the help of Kat Redner, who is the Marketing Assistant and Racecar Driver, and Elaine Larsen, Co-Owner, she will be managing the NJRA Festival of Fire social media. The Festival of Fire is a live entertainment racing event that will be held on January 25th and 26th, 2019 at Palm Beach International Raceway. It is her first time doing a media project for such a big organization, but with Elaine’s guidance and Kat’s media experience she believes that she can learn and accomplish so much.

In addition to her love for racing she also loves her church and her faith. “My faith gets me through everything” she says. During her free time she spends time with her church group, attends bible study, and gets involved with her church community anyway she can. Her favorite quote “We love because he first loved us” John 1:19 describes how she views everyone around her. She says the phrase amazes her because we are all capable of loving each other and there is no greater power.


She also likes wake boarding and other water sports. Now that she is down in Florida, she is planning to learn how to surf.


Besides having an inspirational father to look up to, she says that her racing idol is without a doubt Lyn St. James. When she was a 6th grader without even knowing St. James’s impact on the industry, she made a presentation about her and has been a fan ever since. “She has done an incredible job as a female both on the track and the business side of things, doing her own marketing and putting her name out there” says Loghan when talking about St. James and adds how empowered she feels by St. James’s success.




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