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Development Drivers

The Program

The Development Driver program at LMS is dedicated to training jet dragster drivers of diverse backgrounds and life experiences. Hard work and dedication is expected from all members of the program. The ultimate goal of the Development Driver program is to become licensed to learn. LMS stresses the importance of repetition and perfection throughout every step of the training process. 

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Loghan Ashline

Newest Development Driver

Florida Tech Alumna '21


Loghan Ashline, 22, of Mooresville, NC, of is the newest development driver for the Larsen Motorsports jet racing team. Growing up in the heart of Race City USA, Loghan has been immersed in the racing industry from day one. Both of her parents worked in motorsports during her childhood, and her father still works as a safety engineer in motorsports today. Attending races and car shows quickly became her favorite pastime, especially with her father and grandfather. 

Pursuing adventure has been an element of Loghan’s life that she takes great pride in. Her adventures in motorsports started out with her first four-wheeler that she started riding at just three years old. From there she went on to racing quarter midgets and go-karts for various periods of her life before finding her home on the quarter mile. Drag racing and dirt tracks were always her favorite spectator sports, but she knew that she wanted more from drag racing than sitting on the sidelines. 

Loghan met Chris and Elaine Larsen in 2017; during that year she toured the LMS facility, attended her first jet dragster race, and visited Florida Tech. Needless to say, she fell in love with everything that the company and the university had to offer. Loghan started her undergraduate degree in the fall of 2018, studying business administration. 

Starting off as an intern, Loghan was able to learn the ins and outs of the business and marketing side of LMS. She was quickly promoted to a paid position at the company in early 2019, which included traveling to races for the full season to assist with marketing and specifically photography. 

From 2019 to 2021 Loghan was the traveling photographer, amongst other jobs, for the race team. In 2020 she started learning the crewing process for a jet dragster. By 2021 Loghan was the newest crew chief for then development driver, Josette Roach. The girl power team empowered Loghan to acknowledge the importance of a proper team backing each driver. In December of 2021 Loghan graduated with her B.S. in Business Administration from Florida Tech and took a full-time position at LMS. While she plans to go back to school for her MBA at Florida Tech, Loghan decided it was important to take some time away from school in order to pursue her Jet Dragster license with LMS. “She has literally touched every aspect of on track race operations, first as a photographer, then as a crew chief, and now as a driver. These elements amount to the perfect formula for Loghan’s success at LMS,” Elaine Larsen, Co-Owner and President of LMS, says regarding this next step in Loghan’s career.

“Being a part of the development driver program at Larsen’s is beyond a dream come true. This is my opportunity to try something entirely new and hopefully get licensed to learn,” states Loghan when asked about this new endeavor. The daydreams of a young girl have been realized through the Development Driver process that Loghan is now going through with LMS. “God has been so gracious to put me on this path with the Larsen’s and the rest of the team,” Loghan acknowledges regarding this time in her life. 

This new adventure is one that the entire LMS team has shown support for, which has been such an honor for Loghan. So many members of the #JetFamily are chasing their dreams, and Loghan is no different. Chris Larsen, Co-Owner and CEO of LMS states that, “Arguably one of the greatest parts of my job is seeing this next generation of high-performance vehicles professionals live their dreams. When we can be a part of that, successfully, I have done my job”. Her team, friends, and family offer the encouragement she needs for success in this new adventure.

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